Attend to the Living Presence

by Darlene Franz, voice and harmonium



His disciples said to him,
"Twenty-four prophets have spoken in Israel,
and they all spoke of you."
He said to them,
"You have disregarded the Living One who is in your presence,
and you have spoken of the dead"
--Gospel of Thomas, logion 52 (tr. Jean-Yves Leloup)

Yeshua says,
"Give attention to the Living Presence while you are alive so that when you die and have the desire to do so, you may have the power to attend."
--Gospel of Thomas, logion 59 (tr. Lynn Bauman)


Attend to the Living Presence, here and now.


released December 6, 2013
composed by Darlene Franz
engineered by Christian Heilman,



all rights reserved


Darlene Franz Seattle, Washington

Since 2006, Darlene Franz has been composing chants and facilitating mindful singing workshops throughout the US and Canada. Her work with groups cultivates the expansion of embodied attention and presence. Through active and meditative practices based in sacred mantric interspiritual chant, singers and “non-singers” can discover grounded, centered, whole awareness while singing. ... more

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