Fall Fearless Into Love

by Darlene Franz, voice and harmonium



When Cynthia Bourgeault's friend Hank Taft, an avid sailor, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, conversations about their shared uneasiness making passages in the fog - especially in zero-visibility conditions - took on new significance.

In her book, 'The Wisdom Way of Knowing,' Bourgeault recounts how "in those final weeks a change so extraordinary came over Hank that none of us could fail to notice it. As his physical body withered, his soul grew large and luminous. Friends gathered by his bedside could feel the energy of love radiating from him almost as a forcefield. He faced his death with an open heart, utterly trusting and utterly serene.

"Three days before the end, I went for what was to be my last visit...We hugged each other and said farewell. And then his last words to me -- so muffled and unexpected that I did not at first catch them:
'Are you fearless yet?'
'Not yet, Hank,' I said. 'I'm trying.'
'Fall . . . fearless . . . into . . . love.'"
--The Wisdom Way of Knowing, pp. 70-71


Fall fearless into love,
fall fearless into love,
fall fearless into love.


released January 6, 2014
composed by Darlene Franz
engineered by Christian Heilman, www.mixerguy.com
image: Sailboat in the fog at Pulpit Harbor, www.slipaway.net



all rights reserved


Darlene Franz Seattle, Washington

Since 2006, Darlene Franz has been composing chants and facilitating mindful singing workshops throughout the US and Canada. Her work with groups cultivates the expansion of embodied attention and presence. Through active and meditative practices based in sacred mantric interspiritual chant, singers and “non-singers” can discover grounded, centered, whole awareness while singing. ... more

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