Yeshua said:
There was a man who invited some visitors. After preparing the meal, he
sent his servant to summon the guests.
The servant went to the first one and said, "My master invites you."
The man answered, "I have business with some merchants who are arriving
this evening. Please excuse me from the dinner."
The servant went to the next one and said, "My master invites you."
The man answered, "I have just bought a house and need one day more, so
I cannot come."
The servant went to another guest and said, "My master invites you."
The man answered, "My friend is getting married and I must prepare the
food. Excuse me."
The servant returned to his master and said, "Those you have invited to
dinner cannot come."
His master replied, "Then go out on the roads and invite whoever you find
to dine with me. Buyers and merchants will not enter my Father's
--Gospel of Thomas, logion 64 (tr. Jean-Yves Leloup)

Parallel passages are found in Matthew 22:2-10 and Luke 14:16-24.
For the story of the "rich young ruler," from which the text of this chant originates, see Matthew 19:16-22.


Leave all things you have:
Come and follow me.


released December 1, 2014
composed by David Keller
engineered by Christian Heilman, www.mixerguy.com
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Darlene Franz Seattle, Washington

Since 2006, Darlene Franz has been composing chants and facilitating mindful singing workshops throughout the US and Canada. Her work with groups cultivates the expansion of embodied attention and presence. Through active and meditative practices based in sacred mantric interspiritual chant, singers and “non-singers” can discover grounded, centered, whole awareness while singing. ... more

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